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The Child's World

Short URL https://fostercare.ealingcpd.org.uk/courses/bookings/c_detail.asp?cid=18892 
Event code FC 21/034 
Event description

This course is a view from the eyes of the inner child and a self-reflection of the inner self. It is designed to help caregivers empathise with children and view them in a different light instead of just “naughty” children with “bad behaviour”. During this course the facilitator will take attendees through his emotional journey through care, reflecting on what happened and expressing what he was unable to express as a child.

Training objectives

  • To emotionally impact the group positively, helping them to directly feel the emotions of children in care and understand how children feel.

  • Be able to link emotion to actions.

  • Understanding the inner child and the feelings involved in “bad behaviour”.

  • Understanding the impacts of multiple placement moves.

  • Common outcomes for care leavers, current issues / statistics

  • The consequences of blame upon the child.

  • The importance of life story work and documenting positive achievements.

  • What is normal? What does it mean to adults? What does it mean to a child?

  • The development of the human conscience from birth to adulthood, reflecting on care experiences.

  • Helping children and young people to manage their own behaviour.

Subject areas Family Carers, Fostering and Adoption, Safeguarding Children, Working with Children and Families
Target audience Family Carers, Foster Carers
Venue via Zoom (online), ., . map
Admin contact Training Social Care (trainingsocialcare@ealing.gov.uk)
Event Commissioner Training Social Care (trainingsocialcare@ealing.gov.uk)
Course Costs
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Start date Wednesday 1 December 2021
Times 10:00 - 14:30
Number of sessions 1